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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), delivers a full featured, fully customizable, accounting, ERP, CRM, and business management software solution trusted by over 250,000 companies. Its latest generation is 100% web-based, hosted securely by Microsoft, and successfully deployed at companies with 5 to 500+ users.​

Since 1995, CBSi has developed 1,000’s of time-saving customizations for clients, in a variety of industries, using every major version of BC as a robust, cost-effective foundation for our clients. Beginning with our first oilfield client in 2012, we continue to add every feature required by oilfield service rental and supply customers into the product, ofsERP. Microsoft has tested and certified ofsERP as meeting the "highest level of partner developed solutions”. It is listed as an industry solution on Microsoft AppSource.

Once installed, ofsERP becomes a seamless, indistinguishable add-in to BC, and provides numerous advantages for companies in this industry.

 Automate any time-consuming process.
Increase cash flow with advanced  billing automation.
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Operations & Finance all-in-one.
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Our seasoned team of Microsoft ERP professionals offers comprehensive services to smoothly transition clients from their existing software applications and spreadsheets to ofsERP/BC.

Our ofsERP clients experience financial and operational gains resulting from their implementation of Business Central with ofsERP.  These gains enable companies to thrive, while improving the work lives of the employees within it. 


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Accelerated Growth & Efficiencies: By streamlining processes and automating tasks, faster growth and improved operational efficiencies are achieved. As companies grow, ofsERP minimizes the need for additional accounting and office staff. For this reason and more, the CFO of a client called ofsERP a “Real Game Changer” during his growth from $18M to $100M+.

Increased Profitability: Better control over costs, optimized resource allocation, and enhanced revenue management contribute to higher profitability. Unlimited Dimensions provide real-time visibility into the profitability of any segment of the business

Preferred by Financial Partners:  Banks and equity partners prefer the improved controls, security, accuracy, and auditability of BC versus QuickBooks and Excel-based financials.

Faster Billing with Increased Cash Flow: ofsERP’s advanced billing automation can adapt to each customer’s unique invoice (and/or ticket) preparation and uploading requirements. This significantly shortens the billing process for many clients, which results in a decrease in the outstanding A/R balance and an increase in cash on hand. Invoicing just 15 days faster, increases cash by 4.1% of revenue. (See proof of calculation).

Infrastructure Cost Savings: BC is 100% web-based, requiring minimal to zero internal IT infrastructure costs.

Financial Success
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Maximized Productivity: ofsERP® runs seamlessly within BC, providing an all-in-one, robust Accounting, Supply Chain, Field Service, Rental, EAM, CRM, MRP/MPS, and HR solution. All modules work together so seamlessly that a user cannot tell whether they are in an ofsERP page or one built by Microsoft.  

Say goodbye to siloed systems with islands of information, duplicate entry, and poor or delayed visibility of business performance.

Unmatched Security: BC is hosted by Microsoft – winner of the U.S. DoD security contract.

Increased Utilization: Companies increase utilization and eliminate equipment loss from  ofsERP’s “Cradle-to-Grave” location history of equipment activities, including deployments, returns, acquisition, assembly, inspections, repairs, maintenance, and transfers.

Enhanced Competitiveness: In today’s dynamic market, staying ahead is crucial. BC empowers you with real-time insights from news and social media, role-centered dashboards, and improved forecasting of inventory and cash flow via Microsoft AI-driven Copilot. Be agile, make informed decisions, and outperform your competitors.

Improved safety: Inspection checklists and preventative maintenance help prevent accidents and increase average uptime.  

Operational Sucess

to continual innovation.

CBSi does more than develop ofsERP software, we are a strategic partner driving success in the oilfield services and related lines of business. We're constantly listening to our clients and developing new features to further automate their processes.


ofsERP  has been tested, reference checked, and certified by Microsoft as meeting their highest standards in partner-developed add-on solutions and is now available on Microsoft AppSource. 

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Tested, approved, certified for Business Central and securely hosted by Microsoft.


oofsERP adds key features to Business Central Essentials:

  • Equipment Asset Management (EAM)

  • Field Service  

  • Equipment Rental

  • Repair 

  • Hauling and Transportation 

  • Inspections and Checklists

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Mobile apps - online and offline

  • Advanced Billing Automation ​

​Everything works together seamlessly inside BC Essentials - no integration is required. See comparison with Business Central Service Management and Dynamics Field Service in our ofsERP FAQ's.​

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 ofsERP mobile apps and field tickets

Transform your workflow with pre-built and fully customizable mobile apps for the field.

Provide office personnel with all information captured in the field.

Provide field personnel with any information needed from the backoffice / ERP. 

Online in real-time or offline and synched later.


Additional details will be provided soon.

Mobile apps and field tickets

Are the demands of oilfield services leaving you feeling understaffed and overworked?

Transform your team's workday from reactive to proactive and provide the tools to enable them to achieve more in less time.

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Unlock the full potential of your oilfield services company.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking businesses that are leveraging Microsoft Business Central with ofsERP to optimize their operations, maximize efficiency, improve controls, and accelerate cash flow.

Experience the ofsERP advantage – where innovation drives client profitability, and every automated process becomes a steppingstone to greater success. 


  • 100% financing options cover mobile devices, software, and professional services. 

  • Explore the comprehensive capabilities of Dynamics 365 BC through Microsoft's PDF.

  • Discover how ofsERP solves typical OFS business software challenges head-on.

  • ofsERP is designed, developed, maintained, and supported right here in the USA.

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