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Frequently Asked Questions

ofsERP®️ FAQ's

  • Why use Dynamics Business Central with ofsERP instead of Dynamics 365 CE Field Service?
    Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and ofsERP: DYNAMICS 365 BUSINESS CENTRAL (BC) and ofsERP coexist within the same application environment. They share the same database, tables, and user interface. ofsERP is designed to leverage existing BC tables and processes, where it makes sense. This approach streamlines learning, reduces implementation and training time, and facilitates report creation and data analysis Dynamics 365 Field Service: DYNAMICS 365 FIELD SERVICE is a separate product from Business Central. It creates a separate database that can be synchronized with BC. As a separate product, it has its own costs to implement, customize, and train. BC Users need to learn a different interface for Field Service, which contrasts with the unified experience in ofsERP. Consultant Expertise: Few consultants specialize in D365 Field Service setup, leading to premium rates for their services. If you have any further questions or need additional clarification, feel free to ask! 😊
  • Does ofsERP use Business Central’s Service Management module?
    No. The Service Management module that comes native in Business Central (BC) is designed using separate tables for service orders, service items, and service contracts, and they are only accessible with a Premium BC license. ​ We designed ofsERP extensions to require only an Essentials BC license, by using BC's existing Sales Order tables with different order types for Sale, Service, Rental, and Repair orders. We leverage the existing functionality of Business Central for sales processes, invoicing, inventory management, and reporting. We believe this approach provides simplicity and ease-of-use for our clients, while also delivering powerful features and flexibility.
  • Do the ofsERP Business Central (BC) extensions require BC Essential or Premium licenses?
    All features added by ofsERP can be accessed with a Business Central Essentials license. A Premium license is not required since ofsERP does not use BC's Service Management module. For the field users, you can use Team Member licenses in many cases, depending on the functionality required in the field.
  • Can ofsERP be used or integrated with other accounting / ERP software other than Business Central?
    Yes. ofsERP uses web services as an API and can be integrated with most accounting / ERP software, with different levels of detail and complexity. In a more simplistic integration, ofsERP can handle all the operational processes of Equipment Asset Management (EAM), Field Service, Rental, Repair, and Preventative Maintenance, and create the resulting G/L, invoice and other transactions for consumption by another accounting application.
  • What size of company is a fit for ofsERP?
    Clients with 5 to 400 users and growing are using ofsERP to simplify and automate their workflows, boost their performance, and improve their competitive advantage. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with ofsERP is the preferred software for oilfield service providers of all sizes seeking an all-in-one ERP and business software solution to handle multiple lines of business.
  • How does ofsERP integrate with Dynamics 365 Business Central?
    ofsERP is a powerful solution that becomes an indistinguishable part of Business Central; no integration is required. It uses the extension model to enhance the functionality of Business Central without modifying the core code. This way, ofsERP becomes a natural part of Business Central that works smoothly and efficiently and can receive new features from Microsoft without interruption.
  • Can ofsERP be integrated with QuickBooks accounting or payroll?
    Yes. We know ofsERP can be integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise , which can continue to be used for accounting or payroll. This scenario may be desired, typically in the short term, when operations desperately need the functionality of ofsERP, but is currently unable to convince accounting personnel to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central at the current time.
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