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The phenomenal growth & popularity of  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is undeniable.  

The number of active users Dynamics 365 Business Central  has increased by 75% year over year.

Here are some of the many reasons well over 250,000 companies choose Microsoft Dynamics BC as the foundation for their ERP and business management software.

Full ERP Functionality – Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) offers robust and comprehensive ERP features that work seamlessly together and integrate all aspects of business operations.

Attractive Price Point - Microsoft has priced BC well below market, when considering it's numerous capabilities.  

100% Web based - so users can work from anywhere, accessing information, and performing their daily tasks while on-the-go.

Dimensions - Provides unparalleled visibility of revenue and costs from any segment of the business (customer, line of business, region, job, product, etc.)


High Adaptability – to meet current and future needs. BC has been designed to be rapidly customizable since its beginning. This provides buyers with peace of mind in knowing that as they grow and complexity increases, BC can be fully adapted, such that it will be the last ERP they will ever need.

Upgrades are no longer expensive - due to the fact that partner and client customizations created in BC as extensions are now separated from the Microsoft code. This allows BC companies to receive the latest new capabilities from Microsoft with minimal or zero upgrade costs.  

Lowest security riskBusiness Central is secure and scalable in the cloud, hosted and secured by Microsoft.  (The U.S. Department of Defense awarded Microsoft their coveted $10 Billion security contract.)

Lowest product risk – Business Central is proven and trusted by more than 2 million users and 200,000 companies worldwide. 

Fraud Prevention – BC is designed with many features and accounting controls  to prevent fraud. This includes stamping all transactions with the user id, preventing the $ amounts and dates of posted transactions to be changed without an audit trail of the credit or reversal, table and record based security enforced with permission sets, which are assigned to users or user groups. Also managers can opt to receive an automated email when certain fields, specified by the client, are modified. Practical use: email on change of vendor name or address.

Availability of add-in products – over 2800 add-in products add either horizontal features to BC, or provide complete industry vertical solutions such as ofsERP for oilfield service and equipment rental.

Assured Upgradability and Product Survival - Microsoft's heavy commitment to their Dynamics 365 business solutions practice insures the products will be available for the long term.

Continual Research and Innovation - Business Central is developed by Microsoft, a reliable and reputable vendor whose investments in R&D and innovation is massive. Thus, BC's capabilities continue expand and evolve at a rapid rate. 


A.I. included - Business Central uses Microsoft's leading artificial intelligence to forecast cash flow, inventory demand and shortages, and more. AI Copilot, which will soon be included in all Microsoft business applications, provides management with insightful information and becomes a competitive advantage. Insights provides valuable information to users while inside Business Central, drawing upon business information available in news feeds, and social media, including Microsoft-owned LinkedIn. 

Better Compatibility and Interoperability - with Microsoft Office, Teams and Outlook.  Outlook users can add contacts to BC from emails received with just a few clicks, and can  perform tasks such create quotes and invoices from within their Outlook. Lists can be exported to Excel, edited in Excel and these changes are applied back into BC at the touch of a button.

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