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Oilfield Services: Business automation challenges

Amazing use of BC and Outlook integration

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Oilfield industry challenges solved by Microsoft Business Central
& ofsERP, 
enabling you to
compete smarter and act faster.

Numerous non-integrated software applications and islands of data.

The complexities of many lines of business serving the oilfield require brilliant and innovative engineering solutions to solve numerous technical and safety challenges. Most OFS providers have already solved these challenges.


But even the non-technical business side of the equation often has unique requirements to manage various workflows and capture detailed information. These are way beyond the capabilities of the financial and ERP software which suffices for many companies outside the industry.

Depending on the line of business, OFS software must be able to provide equipment asset management, consumable inventory, cradle-to-grave tracking and usage, inspections, equipment rental and returns, customer specific pricing, scheduling, field services, paperless e-ticketing, repair and preventative maintenance, integration with Open Invoice, customer portals, and more.

When these systems are disconnected, workflow inefficiencies, mistakes, and labor costs skyrocket. The costs result both to handle the duplicate entry and to report on real-time business performance. Poor visibility affects decision making, unidentified and unsolved problems began to erode the bottom line and hamper growth.

Further compounding these challenges are the complexities of changing external regulatory and customer requirements. Operators impose their own unique requirements for field ticket and invoice documentation often resulting in heavy use of spreadsheets, silos of data, and higher labor costs.

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Difficulty tracking whereabouts of equipment & tools... too many lost.

Often, tools and smaller equipment are lost on a job site, but these can still be expensive. Sometimes even large earthmoving equipment is left behind, with no one remembering where it was last used. This can obviously be quite costly.


Without an easy-to-use system that provides visibility when something is deployed, moved, and returned, the whereabouts of equipment and tools are often unknown. Replacements are often purchased unnecessarily, when they could have been retrieved from a customer site, or nearby yard.

An integrated software solution should provide full visibility of equipment, tools, and inventory supplies at every location and job site, virtually eliminate these losses, and help protect your bottom line.

Field ticket & delivery ticket requirements.

For many oilfield services companies, customers will only pay for invoices that are supported by the documentation of work performed, properly coded, and signed by a company representative. If tickets are paper-based and handwritten or if the accounting, invoicing, field ticketing and expense systems are disconnected, staff must try to decipher and re-enter the tickets manually. This results in mistakes, delayed billing and additional clerical labor. The toll on the staff who are busy trying to reconcile silos of information is significant. And pre-approval of ticket, pricing, and invoices become a major effort.  

Each customer / operator has their own Ticket requirements to support billing. The fallback solution of using spreadsheets for tickets is still prone to errors in pricing, choosing the right serial numbers, service codes, etc. Delays in billing customers means cashflow suffers. If you don’t know about an issue until a month goes by, it causes more work for your team. And field tickets that are not discovered until a month later often cannot be billed. 


Overcome oilfield services challenges with ofsERP  

ofsERP extends the capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), to solve all of these challenges. Imagine a complete industry business management software with all the advantages of Microsoft, where everything works seamlessly together.


          Equipment Asset Management

          Preventative Maintenance and Repair

          Field Service with eTickets

          Equipment Rental


          Robust accounting/ERP features of Dynamics BC

Our dedication and expertise increasing efficiencies for Oilfield Service providers.

We bring over a decade of hands-on experience solving the challenges faced by oilfield service providers, large and small, and across many sectors within it.

We’ll suggest best practices to improve efficiencies and help you compete better in a fierce market. 

If you are feeling the sting of disconnected systems, manual processes and workflow inefficiencies, contact us today.

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