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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Rise Above Your Competition with Cloud ERP

Would you like one single solution to manage every department in your business?
Are you ready to save significantly on infrastructure by operating in the cloud?
Can you imagine accessing your business system from anywhere, anytime, across multiple device types?
Dynamics 365 BC
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Dynamics 365 Business Central
Manages Your Business Securely

Accounting - Finance - Supply Chain - Sales - Marketing - Service -  Operations - Commerce - HR - and more

Why Business Central is growing at 3x the industry rate and is the wise, long term ERP choice for B2B companies.

CBS offers Dynamics 365 Business Central as the wise choice for growing B2B companies, especially those that need the comfort of knowing their ERP product can be easily adapted to provide whatever future features, yet unknown, may be required to support their growth. For these companies, having to stop and replace their ERP software along the way, due to limitations in the software’s adaptability, is simply not an acceptable option.

Key reasons why so many companies choose Business Central:

ERP Functionality - Robust accounting and Dimensions for unparalleled visibility of revenue and costs from any segment of the business.

High Adaptability - for current and future, yet unknown, requirements.

Better compatibility and interoperability with the Microsoft products people are accustomed to using every day, including Microsoft Teams and Outlook. See the huge efficiency gains running Business Central within Outlook email in the "Quote to Cash" video below.

Viability of the vendor (Microsoft)

      Availability of their support network (thousands of companies)

      Unmatched security in the cloud (hosted by Microsoft)

Assured upgradability and product survival - Due to Microsoft's significant R&D annual investments in their Dynamics business.

The Microsoft investments in Business Central exceed the total revenue of many competing products, which makes it hard to conceive how they could stay as current, viable, secure, and innovative, as Microsoft in the long term.

Proven - More than 2 million users at more than 200,000 companies worldwide, who rely upon Business Central, or Dynamics NAV, to run their critical business functions every day.

Trustworthy - Both CBSi, and Microsoft personnel if they are brought into a sale, are accessible even after the sales is closed. Our prospects' questions are answered, not by salespeople, but instead, by experienced senior professionals who have implemented Business Central for years.

Contrast this with another ERP vendor's corporate sale teams who, once the sale is made, they disappear and move onto the next sale, and your access to them after the sale is prohibited. We know situations where the required features addressed pre-sale could not be achieved after the sale without significant additional expense. If interested in software by such a vendor, it's critical to put the comments and promises in writing and in detail so there is less room for unpleasant  and costly surprises later.

Save on Infrastructure
Rock-Solid Security
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Visibility Across Departments
MSFT BC Any Device at Ay Time-500x.png

Benefits include

  • Anywhere... Any Time - The entire Business Central application can be run from almost any device: notebooks, tablets, iPads, iPhones and Android phones.

  • Reduce infrastructure costs – pay a small monthly fee to get started.

  • Use the power and resources of Microsoft to protect your data with a highly secure system.

As a testament of this security note that Microsoft was recently awarded the $10B security contract for the U.S. Department of Defense.  

  • Get closer to your customers with visibility to answer questions faster.

  • Improve financial performance for all departments with better visibility and controls.

  • Leverage information between Business Central and Microsoft Office, Outlook, Microsoft Teams and more. See amazing efficiency gains running BC in Outlook in the "Quote to Cash" video below:

Gain Insights to Bring Your Business Vision to Life

  • It’s all about having the right tools and technical support to leverage Business Central’s robust functionality to transform your business.

  • Use Business Central's Dimension Analysis for  visibility into the performance of any segment of the business. View the revenue, costs, or profitability of at least 8 different user-defined aspects of the company  - without the need for a large, unwieldy segmented chart of accounts. 

  • See key information important to you and easily within in reach on your role center dashboard. Easily set colors to provide attention to information within your parameters, out of favor, etc.

  • Easily filter dates and fields, on-the-fly, and navigate throughout BC to see the impact of business transactions throughout all modules.

Role Cener 500x.png
Role Center2 500.png

Features and Functionality to Fit Multiple Industries

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides the comprehensive ERP functionality that all B2B businesses need. 

  • Thanks to BC's high level of adaptability, there are a wealth of AppSource add-in products providing either utility functions for BC, or complete industry solutions such as ofsERP for equipment rental and service. 

Get Started Today with Affordable Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Team Members


per user/month

paid annually,

$9.60 paid monthly.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials


per user/month

paid annually, 

$86 paid monthly.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium
(Includes Manufacturing)


per user/month

paid annually,

$120paid monthly.

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