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Professional Services for Business Central

Don't risk a failed ERP implementation.

Assure your success, by calling on CBSi's 28 years’ experience and 99.5% success rate implementing hundreds of Dynamics Business Central and NAV ERP projects.

"We opted for CBSi... and it proved to be an exceptional decision. CBSi has an outstanding team... undeniably top-notch."  Edgar Baiza, Jr. Vice President

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is a very robust and flexible product which can be configured many different ways to serve the needs of many different industries.

It is this flexibility, however, that makes it challenging for most implementers to fully understand the various options to the degree necessary to advise clients. So, they fall back to what they know, which is not always the best way to implement BC to achieve and exceed clients’ goals.

We have learned that it takes years of working with Business Central every day, with different types of clients, to truly know the many possibilities in setting up BC, and how to advise clients which implementation methodology will best meet their needs.


It is these senior level professionals that have from 10 to 28 solid years working with BC / NAV and understand the entire picture, that make up our Solution Architects.  They perform or provide guidance for the following professional services.

Technical Services  (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Related)

Dynamics Application Configuration - All Modules

Data migration from Dynamics NAV, GP, QuickBooks, and other ERP Software

Design and development of new modules and feature sets

Design and Development of integrations with other systems

Database Upgrades

End-user Technical Support

Rescue Failed or Challenged Implementations

Custom Reports in BC, NAV, PowerBI, & Jet Reports

Security and permission configuration

Design and development of Role Centers / Dashboards

Assistance with many 3rd Party Add-ins

Azure Application Hosting

Create Proof of Concept and Solution Testing

Mobile App Developmemt - both on & offline

Consulting Services


Gap/Fit Analysis

Project Management

Third party product analysis & recommendation

Requirements Analysis

Implementation planning

Conceptual Design (pre-development)

Audit failed and challenged implementations (Microsoft Dynamics Business Central & NAV)

ERP Services

Training Services  (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Related)

Training 1 on 1 or classroom

Support portal

Produce client specific training videos

In person on-site 

Virtual via Microsoft Teams

Produce client specific training documents

Preparing for software migration

At CBSi, we believe that software migration is a chance to make your processes more efficient and automate as many time-consuming manual processes as possible. We help you overcome constraints in your current implementation and leverage new features and functions.

During migration to a new ERP software, you have the opportunity to clean up data and start fresh. You can remove out-of-date customers, vendors, unused inventory items, pricing, jobs, etc. We will ask you to assess what information is important to you now and in the future and how you want to see it and analyze it.


Then, as part of the migration process, we set up your new system with these goals in mind. And to make it easier for you to learn, we’ll provide as much personal or guided training as you need so that the result is ERP software that is easy-to-use, functional, informational, and helps make a significant improvement in the performance of your business.

On-going Support

Let’s discuss where your
vision aligns with our experience.
We love to help.

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