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Why do so many people choose & love Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP ?

Updated: Jun 7

Most Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) clients are using BC to handle significantly more than standard accounting and ERP functionality. 

When implementing Business Central, most clients ask their Microsoft partner to add fields, tables, and processes to reduce their dependence on spreadsheets, time-consuming manual processes, and other applications related to accounting.

However, it's not long before they realize that Business Central can be a platform for transforming departments company-wide, and they re-engage their partner to do so. As a result, they achieve more efficiencies than they originally thought possible. This is Nirvana for all involved... BC fits them like a glove, and they can't imagine ever being without it.

But given the numerous ERP products available today, how did they know to choose Business Central in the first place?  We have identified 12 ways our clients have differentiated BC from the masses and made the ultimate decision to choose BC... never having to look back and question their decision. Can you imagine being that confident in your ERP decision?

Why our clients choose and love Business Central:

​(1) Full ERP Functionality for Less

Business Central offers robust features for Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Project Management, Service Management, Warehouse Management, and Manufacturing. However Microsoft has set BC's price well below the market value if they were to base the price upon its capabilities. This is to achieve the vision for Business Central, in the future, to be as central to everyone's business and daily work as Microsoft Dynamics 365 / "Office" (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Teams) is today. When prospects see its rich functionality they also realize that Business Central is comparatively underpriced, so it becomes an attractive option worth further evaluation.

(2) Ease of Analysis with the Power of Dimensions

(3) High Adaptability

(4) Microsoft's feature updates are now easily applied to customized client environments

(5) Unmatched Security & Safety of Your Data

(6) Unmatched Product Stability and Data Integrity

(7) Fraud Protection

(8) Availability of add-in products

(9) Assured Upgradability and Product Survival

(10) Use of Artificial Intelligence

(11) Microsoft Compatibility and Interoperability

(12) Trustworthy Client-Centric Sales & Business Practices


In summary...

Business Central’s adaptability, robust features, and Microsoft’s commitment to innovation and exceptional value, have made it a trusted choice for organizations worldwide. Whether you’re managing finances, operations, or customer relationships, Business Central provides a comprehensive solution that grows with your business.

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