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Distribution & Warehouse Management challenges solved with CBSi and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), your warehouse management operations are fully integrated with the rest of your business.

It also means you achieve better control over the movement and storage of materials within your warehouse, so you maximize the efficiency of your receipt and shipment of goods, optimize warehouse space utilization, and know at all times exactly where your goods are stored.

It is important to process orders quickly and accurately. WMS includes advanced setup inventory processing functionality to optimize your warehouse efficiency. Directed put-away and picking processes allow fast handling and shipping of goods, directing you right to the item location that is to be shipped or stocked.

Your warehouse personnel save time and your warehouse accuracy is improved because they are controlled and directed by Microsoft Dynamics NAV. To take speed and accuracy to the next level, handheld devices may be used for picking, put-away, physical inventory, internal warehouse movements, and more.

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