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Preventative Maintenance & Repair Key Benefits:

  • Minimize dangerous and costly equipment failure
  • Reduce unexpected costs to repair and service
  • Reduce truck and equipment downtime
  • Facilitate replenishment of parts inventory
  • Improve compliance with due dates for inspections and certifications

Some screenshots:

Key Features:

  • Maintains history of preventative maintenance, repair, and inspections by truck or equipment
  • Service intervals may be defined in terms of engine hours, mileage, time period, or other intervals
  • Parts and quantities normally used for the service code may be uniquely defined for specific truck or equipment types, makes, models, and years
  • Checklists may be defined for each service
  • Records the technician(s) who performed the service
  • Tracks services performed by outside service facilities
  • Supports centralized procurement of parts in bulk at reduced prices, and transfers to other yards periodically or as needed
  • Projects future preventative maintenance dates to facilitate planning for part purchases and transfers
  • Provides more accurate real-time parts availability across all yards
  • Provides rapid entry to record parts used and the type of repair, maintenance, or inspection
  • Optional large screen designed for shop users
  • Equipment and parts numbers may be scanned from bar codes
  • Optionally displays only the relevant parts for the truck or equipment makes and models
  • Substantially improves inventory accuracy, reduces picks of the wrong part, and speeds repair

Configurable and Customizable for Different Industries:

  • Repair both company-owned and customer-owned equipment and vehicles
  • Charge time, materials, and other expenses to the costs of equipment
  • Maintain a detailed history of all repairs
  • Can be used as a stand-alone Dynamics 365 app or interfaced with another ERP/database


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