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We help clients transition their entire field service, accounting, inventory, rental, and related business software to a single Microsoft-hosted Business Central application with ofsERP... The results are amazing!

Are the demands of oilfield services leaving you feeling understaffed and overworked? 

Achieve more in less time with ofsERP field service and rental extensions to Business Central.

BC with ofsERP has enabled clients to increase cash flow many times their investment in software and professional services combined, within 12 months. **

 Automate any time-consuming process.
Increase cash flow with advanced  billing automation.
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Operations & Finance all-in-one.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) with ofsERP, provides a scalable all-in-one solution for field services and equipment rental companies of all sizes. ofsERP was originally created to meet the numerous demands of companies renting equipment for critical field service operations in the oilfield. Companies using ofsERP experience significant returns on their investment in the following areas: 

Management experiences:

  • Increased cash flow, by shortening the billing process using ofsERP advanced billing automation.

  • Minimized loss of equipment with full history of deployments, returns, and transfers.

  • Real-time visibility into the profitability of any aspect of the business.

  • Less accounting and office staff labor needed to accommodate growth. 

  • Increased competitiveness by easily complying with each customers’ unique invoice preparation and reporting requirements.

  • Market awareness from BC's live integration with news and social media insights, including Linked In - which is also owned by Microsoft.

  • Greater profitability by pricing a select group of inventory, equipment, tools, services, and personnel as a single package price, thereby limiting the customer's ease of making line-item price comparisons.

  • Increased controls and reliability of information.

  • Improved forecasting of cash flow and inventory demand with Microsoft Copilot, AI.

  • Reduced or eliminated cost of on-site IT infrastructure, licenses, & annual maintenance.

  • Improved safety record with inspection checklists and preventative maintenance modules.  


Key user experiences:

Save countless hours performing daily rental, service, and accounting tasks in a single, app. 

  • Elimination of duplicate entry and islands of information.

  • Replacement of manual spreadsheets with the functionality in ofsERP.  

  • Analysis of any list page in BC like it was an Excel pivot table, but built-in to BC.

  • Stable, robust, time-saving accounting features of BC, recurring documents, templates, etc.

  • Utilize OCR to create and populate AP invoices without having to hand enter.

  • Personalize your own dashboard and pages to look the way you speed usage.

  • Achieve more in a day’s time by being to accomplish your daily tasks in a single application.

ofsERP extensions add the following key features to Business Central:

  • "Cradle-to-Grave" Equipment Asset Management (EAM)

  • Field Service Order Management  

  • Equipment Rental  

  • Scheduling of Equipment, Tools, and Personnel

  • Inspections and Checklists

  • Repair and Preventative Maintenance

  • Hauling and Transport Services​

  • Pipe Tallies

  • Advanced Billing Automation ​"The fastest route from field tickets to invoice"​​

  • Saltwater disposal site tickets and consolidated invoice & ticket packages

  • Mobile Apps and Electronic Field Tickets (Offline or Online)


​From $35 to $175 per user per month.

Includes the #1 leading ERP - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Tested, approved, certified for Business Central, and securely hosted by Microsoft.

        ofsERP: "The fastest route from field tickets to invoice."

The ofsERP mobile apps allow you to sync all the data you enter or capture in the field, whether you are online or offline, with the Business Central accounting database. This is a unique feature in the industry, where most field ticket software only sync data with their own separate database, not the one that does customer billing.


This feature helps us to maximize the steps ofsERP can automate in the manual billing process. The fewer steps you have, the faster you can invoice your customers and reduce your days sales outstanding (DSO), which means more cash on hand for you.

For example, if you can invoice 10 days faster, you can increase your cash on hand by $547,945 for every $20m of annual revenue that is invoiced based on net terms. Your accounts receivable will also decrease by the same amount. 


** A client recently informed us that they were able to reduce their invoicing time from 83.7 days to 13 days (-70 days) in the first year of using ofsERP. (See Client Quotes) That's an increase in cash of 19% x their annual revenue (see Resource article for proof of cash flow shortcut formula 70/365=19% x Revenue). This increase in cash flow exceeded their investment in Microsoft Business Central, ofsERP, and our professional services combined, resulting in a significant inrease in cash flow within 12 months.                                                      

Transform your team's workday from reactive to proactive and provide the tools to enable them to achieve more in less time.

Use ofsERP as a tool proven to
accelerate growth,
generate higher profits,
increase competitiveness, and
improve cash flow. 

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