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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ofsERP for Oilfield Services

Are the demands of oilfield services leaving you feeling understaffed and overworked?  Do more in less time with ofsERP by CBSi.

ofsERP  extensions, in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), provide a scalable all-in-one solution for oilfield services and equipment rental companies of all sizes. It enables significant increases in workflow efficiencies and is tested, approved, and certified by Microsoft.

ofsERP extensions add the following key features to Business Central:

  • Equipment Asset Management (EAM)

  • Equipment Rental, Sale, and Service Orders

  • Scheduling Equipment, Tools, and Personnel

  • Inspections, Repair, and Preventative Maintenance

  • Hauling and Transport Services

  • Advanced Billing Automation

  • Mobile Apps and Electronic Field Tickets

Users save countless hours performing daily operational tasks in a single, flexible, powerful solution together with the robust accounting capabilities of Business Central ERP.

Fully customizable to replace information and tasks performed in other business software or manual spreadsheets.

Eliminate duplicate entry and "islands of information".

Management benefits with real-time daily visibility into the performance of each line of business, reduced labor cost, greater cash flow, higher utilization, competitive advantages, pricing flexibility, bundling service offerings, and increased controls.

No integration required. Everything works together seamlessly inside BC Essentials.


See out-of-the-box capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

2023 Pricing: From $35 to $185 per user per month (pricing includes Business Central).

Intuitive & Easy to Use
Bill Faster, Collect Faster
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Operations & Finance All-in-One
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Securely Hosted by Microsoft

One of the most impactful synergies our clients experience from accounting, field services, and field ticketing software being in the same application (ofsERP), is the increase in the number of steps that can be automated or eliminated from a manual billing process.

The more steps that can eliminated, the greater the opportunity to minimize days sales outstanding (DSO) which maximizes the increase in cash on hand.


Invoicing just 10 days quicker increases cash-on-hand by $547,945 for every $20m of annual revenue that is invoiced based upon net terms. Accounts Receivable decreases by the same amount.

See why this is especially important for oilfield service providers and how to calculate the resulting increase in cash flow.

Transform your team's workday from reactive to proactive, and provide the tools to help them
achieve more in less time.

ofsERP was originally developed to meet the numerous and often unique requirements of different lines of business within the fast-paced oilfield services industry, and thus includes many configurable features to provide maximum automation for companies in this market.

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