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CBSi provides strategic business insight, objective analysis, and the technologies to help streamline our clients' business, increase their profitability, quality, competitiveness, cash flow, and overall ease of doing business.

We implement and customize world-class business software solutions applied with business and technology expertise from our seasoned professionals. The core to our success is 30 years in business, and the experience of our team has improved the performance and profitability of hundreds of companies. Our  most experienced ERP implementation professionals have an average of 24 years of ERP experience per person and their average tenure at CBSi is 14 years.

This business experience across numerous industries, combined with a proven methodology, application of sound technologies, a commitment to quality, and a client-centric focus provides the highest assurance that a project put in our hands will be successful.

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ofsERP…the fastest route from field tickets to cash™

Simplify your customer service, field service, equipment rental, inventory, fabrication, repair, and preventative maintenance departments with a fully integrated software suite where everything works seamlessly together. Analyze financial and operational reports from a single source of the truth.

Supports multiple companies and lines of business including:



Different job types and customer requirements often require different workflows, field tickets, and invoice types.  The flexibility of OfsERP to meet these requirements,  automate the process, and get the appropriate documents into the hands of the client quickly, has a huge positive impact on the business. For example: invoicing just 10 days quicker converts A/R to cash on hand by $273,972, for every $10m of annual revenue sold on terms. See how this is calculated here: Financial impact calculators.


OfsERP makes it easy to know what equipment is in each yard, location, truck, customer well site, and what should be coming back – reducing unnecessary buys and expensive hot-shot costs. Revenue is calculated by each piece of equipment as well as its cost, maintenance, utilization and  and deployment history. Inspections can be performed and documented before deploying equipment to the field an upon return and preventative maintenance can be scheduled.


Reduce back-office labor costs by as much as 50-75%. Eliminate the cost of double and triple entry of orders, field tickets, invoices, and unnecessary spreadsheets.

Attract capital from investors who prefer companies that use a proven, auditable accounting system. Eliminate the costs of maintaining multiple systems with the all-in-one ofsERP®.

ofsERP…the fastest route from field tickets to cash™

The links below provide more information from our ofsERP website


Maximize productivity. Schedule equipment and crews. See their whereabouts, utilization, profitability. Deploy assets and people to support specific services.

Manage deployment , return, utilization, and maintenance of both serialized and non-serialized equipment, tools, and consumables.

Go mobile... anytime, anywhere! Record any information on phones, tablets, and PCs. Sync-up when connectivity becomes available.

Repair & Maintenance

Minimize costly and potentially dangerous equipment failure. Reduce equipment downtime and lost revenue.

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