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Initial questions to consider when choosing a mobile app:

  • Will you have internet connectivity (cellular, wifi, satellite, etc.) in the locations where the mobile devices  will be used.
  • Will your business needs allow for you to use  an app that requires that  internet connectivity to be available to fulfill its purpose. or must the app be able to allow entry when offline and save the information in the device until internet connectivity is restored?
  • Do you need it to simply need to fill-out a form (e.g safety, inspection, other)?
  • Do you need it to capture information to update another application, such as billing?
  • Do you need to capture signature(s)
  • Do you need to upload pictures or other files?
  • Do you need it to print?
  • Does it handle your current requirements?
  • Can it be easily modified to adapt to changes to these requirements?
  • Can it be expanded to handle additional in-related needs across the organization?
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