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Mobile Apps – Anytime, Anywhere

Our mobile applications are designed to allow users to (1) enter any information, perform calculations, capture pictures and signatures, print, and update the apps central database (either its own, Dynamics NAV ERP, OGFS, or another database), or (2) run independently in standalone mode.

Whether in the office or out in the field, any information can be accessible across the entire organization, and new information can be entered or uploaded. Connect online in real-time when within range of cellular or Wi-Fi internet service. When offline, save data to your choice of device for synchronization later.

Gain complete visibility to any part of the business,
as it is happening,
even when you are away.

Key Features:

  • Your choice of device:  tablet, phone, laptop or computer
  • Compatible with Apple iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Allows mix of devices and operating systems
  • Completely configurable menus, screens, and data collected
  • Capture data and update central database in real time (online mode)
  • Capture data and store on device, updating database later (dual offline/online mode)
  • Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, OGFS, or can exchange data with other software applications and databases

Either select one of our existing mobile apps that may already fit your needs or be adapted to do so, or engage us to design and create mobile apps for your needs.

Learn more…
Questions to consider when choosing a mobile app
Online/Connected mode versus Dual Online/Offline mode.
Use our cash flow calculators to determine the impact given your scenario

The increase in cash flow from mobile app which streamlines the billing process and reduces the number of days and labor required to prepare customer invoices  can be dramatic, even in a smaller company, making the mobile app decision easy to justify.

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