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The energy sector as a whole is known for its economic and fundamental volatility, a reality that puts pressure on many businesses in this industry to remain profitable and efficient. For example, a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) noted that a projected four-fold increase in global economic growth by the year 2050 – coupled with expected population gains up to that year – will strain global energy supplies significantly.

These concerns are particularly important to consider for companies in the oilfield services sector, as the IEA projects a 70 percent gain in the demand for oil by the year 2050. The ongoing rise in demand for this energy source as well as the changes in market dynamics and regulatory pressure put an onus on oilfield service providers to upgrade their systems accordingly.

With a commitment to improving business productivity and performance, Computer Business Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to leveraging its knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV software and providing reliable oilfield services software for stakeholders in this industry.

Challenges in the oilfield services industry

Though industry pressures remain constant, managers in the oilfield services sector must also stay cognizant of the day-to-day struggles that have direct impact on their ability to work effectively.

It is a given that the technical requirements are demanding and often unforgiving; the process of managing millions of dollars of moving assets can be almost as complex. Oilfield managers must be able to maximize utilization of valuable resources, both people and equipment, to maximize profitability. Many oilfield services companies must manage equipment rental and scheduling across multiple locations, comply with complex billing and reporting requirements dictated by large operators, and find faster ways of delivering their services and supplies with higher accuracy.

In the past, the information pertaining to customer, site, work performed, contract pricing, crews, and equipment might all be managed manually or on spreadsheets, but increasing demands to run the business efficiently and with less people necessitate better means, else managers face bloated staff, or overworked staff, mistakes and eroding profits.

Challenges solved by OGFS™ Solutions

We designed OGFS™ Solutions specifically to help our Oil and Gas Field Services and Supply clients (1) boost their profitability, (2) streamline and strengthen their operations, and (3) increase their and cash flow. Results are seen in a number of areas, including the following:

  • Real-time visibility of any aspect of the business.
  • Ability to analyze profitability by job, service type, vehicle, equipment, crew, operator, well, etc.
  • Improve asset utilization and knowledge of your equipment whereabouts.
  • Efficiently bill for vehicles, equipment, & crew deployed in the field.
  • Dispatch, see availability, assign, rent, deploy, service, record ticket information, move, return, track inventory, bill operators, provide well history, and much more, all within a single database.
  • Reduced equipment downtime and repair expense.
  • Save time and labor, improve accuracy, and eliminate redundant data entry with a single, comprehensive software solution.
  • Reduce delays in ticket / invoice approval process, thereby increasing cash flow.
  • Easily comply with operators’ unique requirements, including site, well, rig or AFE information
  • Have the flexibility to enter field tickets, either after the fact or in advance as a request for service
  • Gain visibility into the availability of all equipment and personnel, at all locations.

Why work with Computer Business Solutions

CBSi applied our oilfield industry knowledge and intelligently designed OGFS™ Solutions to solve many of the industry’s business challenges. The product is the result of thousands of design and development hours to produce a ready-to-use, comprehensive yet affordable solution, which is scalable and can be further customized to unique client requirements. Quality and usability are job #1.

Our Microsoft certified professionals deploy effective implementation methodology to assess each client’s individual needs and determine a targeted approach that nets the best results. This service, combined with significant experience in the industry helps our clients eliminate many obstacles that erode profits and can impede progress.

We are committed to the long-term health of our oilfield clients as a partner that continues to invest and offers ever evolving solutions and adjustments as industry headwinds continue to affect the way our clients do business.

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