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(MRO) Maintenance, Repair & Operations Industry 

MRO refers to machinery and equipment maintenance, repair, and operations and contributes to a unified industrial supply chain model.

Without effective MRO processes, you may endure unscheduled equipment downtime, stock-out of critical parts, incur costly freight charges, and frustrate your stakeholders. Ineffective MRO management impacts the health of the business from out-of-control spending and wastage.

CBSi offers a comprehensive cloud solution for the MRO industry, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, to help organizations maintain and repair equipment and streamline business processes effectively. 


MRO Challenges

Irregular demand for parts

When your inventory consists of slow-moving items with irregular demand, how can you forecast demand accurately to maintain your MRO inventory? For MRO organizations, where demand for spares and consumables is entirely erratic, it’s even more challenging to predict consumption accurately.

It’s not easy for MRO organizations who are still operating with manual processes to know what to order, which results in obsolete material taking up valuable space in the warehouse. MRO business leaders are evaluating modern automation to replace legacy solutions that are too cumbersome.


Inventory stock-outs skyrockets costs

Running out of critical parts needed for maintenance and repairs cause production delays, rush orders, and higher repair costs. For MRO companies, visibility into the number of stock-out occurrences compared to the total items picked is a metric to follow every week to manage disruptions and reduce delays.

Rush Orders lead to shrinking margins

Sometimes rush orders are unavoidable, but a high volume of rush orders can lead to cost overruns and shrinking margins. MRO industry managers compare the number of rush orders with replenishment orders and use that calculation as a guide. Manual processes can’t provide the “big picture” view of operations that MRO managers need to manage and prioritize order processing.


MRO Purchasing is complex

MRO inventory purchasing can be uneven and complicated. Systems are rarely centralized and are subject to personal points of view rather than any objective method to control spend-management. In addition, processing the purchase sometimes costs more than the value of the item purchased. Managing a wide variety of inventory items and suppliers, reacting to unpredictable demand for materials, and keeping “just in case” items in stock are vital issues to solve.

Unplanned spending and inventory inaccuracies affect budgets

Reactionary buys can cause budget overruns and unnecessarily bloat inventory. Inaccurate inventory counts result in additional spend, and a mad scramble to satisfy customer demand. MRO managers need to keep unaccounted expenditures under control to gain more efficient consumption


Inventory on hand causes cashflow issues

It’s clear that in an industry where having the right part, at the right place, and at the right time is essential, there is a tendency to keep more inventory on hand than might ever be required. When inventory sits in the warehouse, cash is tied up. Your inventory may show an item has been consumed, but in reality, it is sitting in a field engineers’ personal stock – a well-meaning way to deliver better customer service. The industry needs 360 visibility and speedy business processes to keep cash flowing.

CBSi Helps You Overcome MRO challenges with Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

Elevate your MRO processes with a modern, intuitive, proven cloud solution that efficiently transforms your operations.

MRO maintenance, repair and operations is a complex and challenging business. CBSi meets MRO challenges by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics technologies to streamline your work.


CBSi delivers value:

  • We sell, implement and support Microsoft innovative business systems, including AI (artificial intelligence), to optimize efficiency in one centralized place.

  • Improve operational business processes with workflows, alerts, and best practices. 

  • A robust inventory system that enables you to control your inventory.

  • Advanced functionality to reduce the cost of purchasing.


  • Real-time visibility into every department

  • Access your business system from anywhere you are, 24/7

The CBSi team boosts efficiency for MRO companies

We understand the MRO industry and bring best practices and efficiencies to your implementation. We’ll ensure you are up and running quickly with Microsoft Dynamics to solve the complex challenges you face. 


The CBSi experienced team enhances your MRO operations:

  • Our professional consulting team drives standardization through a centralized strategy.

  • CBSi helps your people climb the mountain of change management to achieve your business goals.

  • We’ll empower your remote workforce to get more done and keep the field and the back office sharing information.

  • We solve business problems with automation to streamline MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) organizations. 

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