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OGFS™ – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Profit Enhancing Software for Oilfield Service and Supply


Gain a Competitive Advantage
Streamline Operations
Lower Labor Costs
Speed Cash Flow

OGFS Quick Start

Ready-to-use OGFS Quick Start packs provide a low cost, rapid deployment option hosted on Microsoft Azure. Oilfield service and Supply providers with non-complex needs can start realizing benefits within a matter of weeks. A partial listing of OGFS Quick Start features includes:

  • Service:  Take Orders, Deploy, Return, Move
  • Supply:  Sale, Purchase, Transfer, Assemble
  • Inventory Management: Multi-location (unlimited)
  • Job Board
  • Equipment Rental
  • Personnel:  Schedule, Time, History
  • Tickets and Invoicing
  • Customer/Contract Pricing:  Services, Equipment Rental, Inventory Sales
  • Full history by Operator, AFE, Well, Site, Rig, Equipment, Inventory, Personnel/Driver/Crew
  • Revenue/Profit Analysis by any entity, such as: Location, Operator, Revenue stream, Equipment, Job, Job-type, Personnel, Well, Rig, Lease, State, Ticket Sstats, and more.
  • Data transfer to external payroll system
  • Mobile Apps:  in real-time / on-line
  • Microsoft Dynamics Accounting/ERP (optional)
  • Simple upgrade path to OGFS Pro


The Pro version includes the OGFS Quick Start features and enables additional features including:

  • Job Board (more configurable)
  • Advanced Mobile Apps (off-line and on-line)
  • Split Billing Across Multiple Well Sites / AFEs
  • Complex Pricing and Interim Billing
  • EDI: Electronic invoice and ticket upload
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Advanced Warehouse Management
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • Full Contact Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Dynamics NAV Accounting/ERP or connect to your existing ERP

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and Repair is an optional module available with OGFS. It utilizes OGFS Equipment, Parts (Inventory), and Personnel (Service technicians) to provide repair and scheduled maintenance, inspection, testing, and registration of both equipment and rolling / vehicle assets. To learn more, see Maintenance and Repair.

Mobile Apps

Numerous options are available for Mobile Apps and it’s application within oilfield service and supply providers. Common uses are to:

  • Enter or confirm actual usage of equipment, parts, and personnel in the field
  • Enter information regarding the job performed
  • Check availability of equipment or inventory at nearby locations
  • Enter activity at static remote locations (e.g. disposal sites)
  • Enter sales
  • Perform any other task within NAV or OGFS remotely
  • Or simply lookup customer, well, job information

Options include:

  • On-line, real-time access and update to central NAV/OGFS
  • Off-line access and update of NAV/OGFS information which synchronizes to the central NAV OGFS solution after an internet connection is available (via cellular , satellite, or WiFi)

For further information see: Mobile Apps.

Key Benefits and ROI

While each oilfield service and supply provider seems to have their own reasons for engaging with our people to implement OGFS, common uses found on this page: Key Features and Benefits.

OGFS is not just a vision to help boost profitability, streamline back office complexities, lower costs, increase revenue, and speed the capture of billing and other information from the field; an actual product customized specifically to do so, it is a reality. Proven and certified by Microsoft as meeting the highest technical standards of Microsoft Dynamics ISV/Add-on products.

Most oil and gas field service and supply companies we have served brilliantly solve a myriad of highly technical challenges. With the primary focus on the technical side, many providers readily acknowledge their non-technical operational and business processes suffer from inefficiencies and, although they support the business, they do so at a high cost. Resulting from our significant experience in this industry, we designed Oil and Gas Field Solutions (OGFS) software specifically to solve these inefficiencies and to save money and time rather than consume it.

“Oilfield work is hard, challenging, and unforgiving.
The software that keeps it all together doesn’t have to be.”

Popular segments of the oil and gas industry served:

  • Field Service
    • Equipment Rental
    • Equipment and/or Inventory Sales
    • Services
  • Disposal
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Manufacturing

OGFS is an intelligently designed product. It is highly configurable, easy-to-learn, scale-able, and easily passed Microsoft’s rigorous technical requirements to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD). We can further customize it to meet additional requirements.

We are currently offering OGFS on Microsoft Azure for a reduced monthly fee, enabling even smaller service and supply companies to easily acquire and rapidly put the solution to work when it is needed the most… during a period of lower prices and profitability pressures. See Message from our President

Call 800.455.5915 and invite us review your oilfield business to explore opportunities where the benefits from implementing OGFS may start generating net positive cash flow within a short time.

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