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“Oilfield work is hard, challenging, and unforgiving.
The software that keeps it all together doesn’t have to be.”

Ready-to-use OGFS packages can provide a low cost, rapid deployment option since they minimize or even eliminate the need for customization.

Partial listing of OGFS features:

Key features for operations:

  • Deploy equipment, inventory, and personnel
  • Availability checking and advance reservation of key assets
  • Easily record movements from site to site
  • Automatically updating Job Board / TV option
  • Utilization by :  in real-time / on-lin by equipment type and serial number
  • Job Board / TV display automation
  • Package pricing
  • Assembly
  • Quotes
  • Mobile Apps
  • Purchasing, receiving, transfer, replenishment
  • Track tools, equipment and inventory by location, truck, job site, and customer
  • Full location history of all assets deployed to the field, by Operator, AFE, Well, Site, Rig, Personnel and crew availability, schedulimg
  • Certifications and Training
  • Employee information on tickets may be used to calculate or feed payroll
  • Integrate with Payroll or outside payroll services

Partial features listing for billing and financials:

  • Customer specific pricing for Services, Rental, Sales, and Expenses
  • Analyze revenue and costs for each equipment type or individual serial number
  • Interim bill while jobs are in progress
  • Revenue/Profit Analysis by any entity, such as: Driver, Equipment, Job, Job-type, Lease, Line of Business, Location, Operator, Personnel, Revenue stream, Rig, Site, State, Ticket Status, Well, and more.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Accounting/ERP
  • Simple upgrade path to OGFS Pro


OGFS earns Microsoft’s highest accreditation

Pricing: Our hosted OGFS on Microsoft Azure is priced to enable both small and large service and supply companies to easily acquire and rapidly put the solution to work when it is needed the most… during a period of lower prices and profitability pressures.

Call 800.455.5915 to ask questions of the many features not listed here or to discuss whether OGFS is the right solution for your needs.

Email, or invite us on-site to further explore the impact we may have on your oilfield service business.

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