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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing can help you become more responsive to your customers and improve overall performance by providing the tools to manage your manufacturing processes.
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This solution offers the functionality you need to make informed decisions about many critical issues that you face every day. Its powerful MRP functionality assists you in determining what and when you need to produce and/or order. Microsoft Dynamics 365’s flexible MRP allows you to calculate in a regenerative or net change mode.

You define the critical manufacturing and reorder policies that MRP will use to calculate net requirements. The system suggests what to order based on facts rather than guesswork. It also offers the flexibility to adapt and adjust manufacturing policies, on the fly, as your ever-changing business demands dictate.

This solution can be implemented with little disruption to your manufacturing processes in use. Beginning with the basic implementation gives you immediate benefits and you can add value with phased software, expanding functionality by adding new modules, full MRP, etc, as your business needs change and grow.

Dynamics 365 Manufacturing provides the following advantages:

  • Available-to-promise and capable-to-promise information available during sales order entry
  • Efficient management of production orders and bills of materials
  • Capacity planning
  • Automated and manual planning processes
  • Graphical overview to quickly spot problems & resolve bottlenecks before they cause trouble
  • Deep visibility into work in progress
  • Complete customization capabilities for the most unique needs
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