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Distribution Software
Distribution Software
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Distribution helps businesses streamline distribution processes and improve inventory management and warehouse efficiency. Dynamics 365 can help you gain the market advantage with fully integrated distribution software that gives your business complete awareness of customer order statuses, supplier’s service levels, and levels of product and service efficiency!

Distribution Challenges Solved with Dynamics 365:

  • Accurately answer questions pertaining to inventory, product cost and delivery time
  • Improve customer order fulfillment and accuracy
  • Reduce costs by reducing excess inventory and associated carrying costs
  • Run your warehouse more efficiently
  • Negotiate better deals with your vendors

Summary Features & Functionalities:

Sales Order Processing Purchase Order Processing Returns Management
Physical Inventory Management Location Transfers Automated Sales Forecasting & Procurement
Serial Number Tracking Lot Number Tracking Traceability
Multiple Location Logistics Inventory Costing by Location Landed Costs
Bin Tracking Directed Bin Put-away Cross-docking
Shipping Integration: UPS, FedEx, LTL, USPS, etc. Automated Data Capture Systems (ADCS) Tracking Status on Orders at Any Time
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