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Field service management requires many levels of coordination to meet customer demands, balance resources, and remain profitable. To thrive in today's fast-paced digital world involves adopting new technology.

CBSi delivers a comprehensive cloud solution, Field Service powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, to help field service companies handle all activities to compete better.

Field service companies provide support services to a variety of service companies. With the advent of the health crisis for the last two years, field service companies were challenged to meet customer demands and manage and track remote workers. As recovery continues, it has become a priority for these service companies to digitally transform operations to run profitably. 

The goal for Field Service companies is to increase productivity through automation and empower remote workers with mobile solutions. At the same time, they must elevate customer experiences to gain more business.

Field Service Challenges

Scheduling and Dispatch Conflicts

Manual processes can cause conflicts such as double booking two resources simultaneously, overlapping projects, or booking an unavailable resource. If these conflicts happen frequently, it puts your business at risk for reputation damage or increased frustration among field service reps. It is an arduous task to keep changes updated and manage resources with manual or inadequate processes.

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Increased Travel Costs

Your travel costs may skyrocket without tools to recommend the safest and best way for service technicians to reach customers on time. It isn't easy to keep costs under control and simultaneously increase productivity when your route planning is not automated. If you don't know where your technicians' live location is, it causes delays and bottlenecks.

Increased Customer Response Times

Delays in communication and information sharing between the field to the back office leads to increased customer response times and customer complaints. 

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Inefficient Work Order Management

The center of field service is the work order, which informs the technician and back-office what the task is, who it is allocated to, and when it is completed, inspected, and recorded. Without a digital workflow, your work orders lead to lower productivity and efficiency levels.

Invoice and Payment Delays

Lack of integration to your financials causes delays in billing and collecting for work performed.

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Service quality improvements with regular inspection is a common practice in the field service industry. Paper-based inspection causes more work and delays for the back office.

Overcome field services challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Field Service from CBSi

Field service is a complex and challenging business, and it's essential to make every tactical and strategic decision based on accurate data.

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Microsoft field service management software can help you do that. It gives your team the tools they need to remotely manage assets, schedule work orders, track inventory levels, optimize routes for efficiency – all in one place.

  • Real-time visibility into your company's assets and services

  • Mobile asset tracking (and GPS vehicle location)

  • Automated work order creation

  • Customer notification alerts via text or email

  • Advanced routing optimization capabilities so you know where every technician is at any given time

  • Immediately notify and dispatch technicians closest to a job site if there is an unexpected failure of an essential piece of equipment

CBSi professionals can help boost efficiency for Field Service operations

Our long-term employees know the Field Service industry and bring best practices and efficiencies to your implementation. We'll get you up and running quickly to solve the daunting challenges you face.

The CBSi experienced team can enhance your Field Service operations by:

  • Increasing productivity with automated scheduling and optimization.

  • Empowering your mobile workforce to accomplish more with streamlined processes.

  • Winning customer loyalty by initiating alerts to keep customers informed of mobile workers' arrival status and more.

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We solve business problems with automation to free you up from workarounds and inefficiencies.