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25 Years of Exceptional People Providing Proven Solutions

Project success depends on the quality of analysis and planning, supported by adherence to a proven implementation methodology, and executed by an experienced team with a client-centric philosophy.

Overview: Rapid Implementation Methodology

The CBSi team is an effective combination of experienced business and technology professionals, focused on providing solutions to improve business performance, rather than just replacing your current system. Experience from our 21 years in business, implementing hundreds of clients, combined with our Rapid Implementation Methodology ensures project objectives will be achieved in a timely and cost effective manner.

Combining both (1) our team’s conscientious application of experience and proven methodology, with (2) the programming source code to customize the software to meet any unique business need, virtually assures your projects with us will result in success.

The following is a high level overview of our process (adapted to the client as needed):

Analysis and Discovery

Various levels of analysis and discovery are actually performed prior to this phase starting with the sales process, where your requirements are initially discussed. Depending on project complexity, industry experience, and time horizon, we may be engaged to perform a Business Case, Gap/Fit Analysis, Proof of Concept, Architecture Assessment, or other related analysis with corresponding document(s).

In the Analysis and Discovery Phase, we continue to invest time to increase our knowledge of your business and your specific processes beyond what we previously knew about your industry or gathered during the sales discovery process. We focus particular attention around the areas supporting your goals and objectives.

Near the beginning of this phase, our project teams collaborate in presenting a kick-off meeting where we provide executive stakeholders an overview of the project vision, scope, objectives, benefits, and key performance indicators (KPIs) if they are available by this time. Key roles are assigned and reporting and approval guidelines are confirmed.

Your participation and dedication are vital to project success, so we provide realistic expectations during the kickoff meeting to give you a clear understanding of the process.

Following the kick-off, the teams assign responsibilities to gather information as needed to further define your processes. We carefully analyze the information you provide and schedule discovery sessions to verify, ask questions, and learn more about your vision for the future. We may also prepare a Functional Requirements document, detailing our findings, which may be software agnostic or software dependent.

Conceptual Design and Confirmation

The Design Phase starts with the Computer Business Solutions team developing the concept(s) for how your specific needs will be best implemented based on the information gathered during the Analysis Phase and our understanding of your industry.

During this process, our implementation team may conceptualize more than one approach to achieve your goals, mindful of the factors that generated the need for a new system in the first place. Although we develop the Conceptual Design(s) to achieve your original objectives, often a design will achieve an even greater vision with no impact on cost.

After narrowing the options, we share with your key users the most relevant and recommended Conceptual Design to configure the software for your requirements. This involves diving into the software which we pre-configured for your needs, or presenting relevant configuration options for discussion and your selection.

Key users are trained on these configuration options to provide for meaningful discussion and decisions. Their intimate knowledge of your business combined with new knowledge and discussion of relevant features in our solution enables your key users to select and confirm the Conceptual Design option and to perform the implementation setup tasks when needed in the Deployment Phase below.

Optionally a formal Functional Design Document may be created, supplementing our internal documentation. The need for this document often depends on the level of project complexity, time allocated to this phase, and client preference.

Software Development (optional)

The Software Development phase is available to add any functionality to serve your needs even beyond the software’s out-of-the-box functionality. Our 21 years experience with ERP and 17+ years experience with Dynamics NAV enables us to provide efficient design and quality programming to meet any business need. We can add new fields, tables, pages, and processes and/or efficiently modify Microsoft Dynamics NAV source code.

The Development Phase may start with a simple email request or may include JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions where our product specialists and your key users jointly scope additional functionality and desired workflow. This follows with the creation of end-user specifications and, when appropriate, technical design specifications, and continues through development and testing, initially by our team, followed by relevant key user(s) and their sign-off.

Over the years, Computer Business Solutions, Inc., has developed thousands of custom modifications. This experience forms a solid base of knowledge and programming code accessible to reduce delivery time for our clients while still assuring the quality of the final product.

We have never found a client need that we could not deliver; thereby likely making this investment the last software solution you will ever need, even if your needs become more complex as you grow.

Development: Data Migration

Data is mapped and conversion routines are built for migration from your existing system to the new software. Key users will also be involved in the data migration and validation.

Deployment: Implementation Assistance

The software is jointly configured during this phase for your specific business requirements. Relevant key users often take the lead to implement the software based upon the Conceptual Design and configuration chosen in the Design phase. We perform more of the implementation for clients who prefer to fast track the time to “go-live”.

Deployment: Solution Testing

During Solution Testing we walk through your processes, testing data and transaction flows with your key users. We use test scripts created from the Design, Development  and Deployment phases to ensure your requirements are met. Once you have verified that all processes are correct, and appropriate sign-offs are provided, we schedule end user training to occur shortly before “go-live”.

Deployment: Training

CBSi provides training across multiple phases, typically beginning in the Design Phase where we demonstrate and discuss how to best utilize and configure the software’s features to achieve project objectives. Training continues with key users as we work side by side to configure the software and perform Solution Testing. Shortly before “go-live”, end users are trained in either classroom or on-site training sessions.

Operational “Go-Live”

When users are comfortable, and the project is approved as meeting or exceeding requirements, you may transition to the “live”, production environment, yet we remain available for both on-site and remote support.

Computer Business Solutions, Inc. works closely with you to provide comprehensive ongoing support programs that meet your various needs. We offer on-site live, phone, remote on-line and email support according to your preferences.

Project Management (throughout)

Across all phases of your project, Computer Business Solutions, Inc., provides Project Management to help keep your project on track and on budget. This also includes post-implementation reviews scheduled to help assure you are getting the most out of your new software solution, to adapt to new requirements, and to take advantage of new opportunities.

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