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Our development team works with our implementation and training personnel and clients to create new applications or add functionality to exceed a software’s out-of-the-box functionality.

Development projects start with a client request, which could be a simple email, involve several discussions, or require JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions,  where our product specialists and your key users jointly scope new functionality and the desired workflow from a high level.

Software Lifecycle


During this process, our implementation team may conceptualize more than one approach to achieve your goals. Often we find that a design will achieve an even greater vision with an insignificant impact on cost.

A proof of concept may be appropriate if the requirements involve unknown variables that could determine whether the project is a success. Once proven, the Computer Business Solutions development team proceeds with creating the technical design and the actual programming of the solution. After programming, the development team performs initial testing (alpha tests). Usually, before the client tests, the CBSi lead analyst on the project performs additional alpha testing. If test scripts are provided, these may be used for testing to assure the expected results are realized.

After alpha testing, key users are trained and proceed with their own (beta) tests.  In addition to assuring the development meets their functional requirements, users will provide feedback on the user interface (UI)  such as look and feel, ease of use, number of clicks, etc.  Their intimate knowledge of your business combined with new knowledge and discussion of new features may result in some minor updates. We make the changes, client beta tests approve, and schedules the move to production (the live environment).


Over the years, Computer Business Solutions, Inc., has developed thousands of modifications, to off-the-shelf ERP, CM, and related software, in addition to completely new modules. This experience forms a solid base of knowledge and programming code accessible to reduce delivery time for our clients while still assuring the quality of the final product.

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