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25 Years of Exceptional People Providing Proven Solutions

Software Customization and New Product Development

The Software Development phase is available to serve your needs to create new applications or add functionality to exceed a software’s out-of-the-box functionality. Over 25 years of experience implementing software for accounting, operations, and sales, and over 20 years implementing and customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides CBSi the insight to design user-friendly, efficient, high-quality solutions to meet any business need.

The Development Phase may start with a simple email request or may involve JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions where our product specialists and your key users jointly scope additional functionality and desired workflow. This follows with the creation of end-user specifications and, when appropriate, technical design specifications, and continues through development and testing, initially by our team, followed by the relevant key user(s) and their sign-off.

Over the years, Computer Business Solutions, Inc., has developed new stand-alone applications and thousands of modifications to Dynamics 365. This experience forms a solid base of knowledge and programming code accessible to reduce delivery time for our clients while still assuring the quality of the final product.

We have never found a client need that we could not deliver; thereby likely making this investment the last software solution you will ever need, even if your needs become more complex as you grow.

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