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Exceptional People... Proven Solutions

CBSi provides strategic business insight, objective analysis, and the technologies to help streamline our clients’ business, increase their profitability, quality, competitiveness, cash flow, and overall ease of doing business.

We implement and customize world-class business software solutions applied with business and technology expertise from our seasoned professionals. The core to our success is over 25 years in business improving the performance and profitability of over 700 client companies. This vast business experience across numerous industries, combined with a proven methodology, application of sound technologies, a commitment to quality, and a client-centric focus provides the highest assurance that a project put in our hands will be successful.

Our Process

From start to finish, our consultants work with you to deliver results.

We help with business planning to develop a technology vision and strategy aligned with your core business objectives. We analyze, recommend, develop, implement, train, and support the methodologies, processes, and tools including business software applications, to achieve these objectives.

To help our clients realize their business objectives, we provide the following services:

Consulting Project Management Training & Support
Needs Analysis Implementation Application Hosting
Proof of Concept Data Migration & Integration Periodic Review
Process Improvement Design & Customization Implementation Audit


Implementation Assistance

The software is jointly configured during this phase for your specific business requirements. Relevant key users often take the lead to implement the software based upon the Conceptual Design and configuration chosen in the Design phase. We perform more of the implementation for clients who prefer to fast track the time to “go-live”.


Across all phases of your project, we provide Project Management to help keep your project on track and on budget.

After Deployment, we conduct post-implementation reviews to help assure you are getting the most out of your investment, provide tips on usage, and discuss any new opportunities to automate additional areas of the business.

Conceptual Design and Confirmation

The Design Phase starts with the Computer Business Solutions team developing the concept(s) for how your specific needs will be best implemented based on the information gathered during the Analysis Phase and our understanding of your industry.

During this process, our implementation team may conceptualize more than one approach to achieve your goals, mindful of the factors that generated the need for a new system in the first place. Although we develop the Conceptual Design(s) to achieve your original objectives, often a design will achieve an even greater vision with no impact on cost.

After narrowing the options, we share with your key users the most relevant and recommended Conceptual Design to configure the software for your requirements. This involves diving into the software which we pre-configured for your needs, or presenting relevant configuration options for discussion and your selection.

Key users are trained on these configuration options to provide for meaningful discussion and decisions. Their intimate knowledge of your business combined with new knowledge and discussion of relevant features in our solution enables your key users to select and confirm the Conceptual Design option and to perform the implementation setup tasks when needed in the Deployment Phase.

Optionally a formal Functional Design Document may be created, supplementing our internal documentation. The need for this document often depends on the level of project complexity, time allocated to this phase, and client preference.

Training and Support…our services don’t end after the sale, they’re just beginning.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

We have been implementing, training, and customizing Dynamics NAV, now called Dynamics 365 since Navision version 1.0.

To help our clients fully understand and utilize the software, we offer on-site, hands-on training, as well as continued learning experiences on-line. Individual sessions for a single client may be scheduled fairly quickly with a simple phone call. Group training for multiple clients is handled via our pre-scheduled webinars. If you would like to add a topic to our webinar schedule, simply call or complete the Contact form in our “About Us” section.

During periodic reviews, we look for ideas to help our clients use the software more efficiently and to provide increased value to our clients. Often during these reviews, we uncover additional training needs or discover additional areas of the business which can be automated – to helping clients continue to realize additional returns on their investment.

Our Training Materials page provides training documents for clients to easily reference.


CBSi’s first line of support is just a quick call away. Rather than assigning junior level consultants to handle support questions, our entire implementation team is available to ensure that clients’ support calls are answered in a manner consistent with the objectives achieved during the implementation and training phase.

Since we have been supporting Dynamics NAV, now called Dynamics 365 since Navision v1.0, we can often answer your question on the spot and, with your permission, we can also access your system remotely to walk you through a process. You may also email our support line and, of course, our Dynamics 365 professionals are available for onsite training and implementation.

For Remote Support – Enter the meeting ID provided by your support rep in the form below, or call 800.455.5915.

Software Customization and New Product Development

The Software Development phase is available to serve your needs to create new applications or add functionality to exceed a software’s out-of-the-box functionality. Over 25 years of experience implementing software for accounting, operations, and sales, and over 20 years implementing and customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides CBSi the insight to design user-friendly, efficient, high-quality solutions to meet any business need.

The Development Phase may start with a simple email request or may involve JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions where our product specialists and your key users jointly scope additional functionality and desired workflow. This follows with the creation of end-user specifications and, when appropriate, technical design specifications, and continues through development and testing, initially by our team, followed by the relevant key user(s) and their sign-off.

Over the years, Computer Business Solutions, Inc., has developed new stand-alone applications and thousands of modifications to Dynamics 365. This experience forms a solid base of knowledge and programming code accessible to reduce delivery time for our clients while still assuring the quality of the final product.

We have never found a client need that we could not deliver; thereby likely making this investment the last software solution you will ever need, even if your needs become more complex as you grow.

Dynamics 365 Cloud on Azure or On-Premises

Why the cloud?

Demand for cloud services shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, industry experts expect the public IT cloud services industry to reach over $107 billion by 2017. We offer you an unbiased comparison of cloud computing and on-premises solutions based on your specific needs. The advantages of cloud are laid out below are compelling for some: Cost Savings, Quick Scalability, and Reliability.

Advantages of Cloud Computing on Azure

Cost SavingsCost Savings – Only pay for the resources you need. No need to size an on-premises server for potential growth. Start small and grow as needed. Additionally, organizations using Windows Azure don’t need to buy, manage, administer, perform maintenance, configure hardware and operating systems, and pay utilities cost for their own machines.


Protect Your Data – your company’s data is its most valuable asset. Protecting it is a requirement and Microsoft Azure has redundant resources to secure 99.99% uptime SLA levels. Backup to Microsoft storage accounts, virtual machines, or your own internal infrastructure.


growthQuick Scalability – Need to add more users or add a new location? Azure resources can be added as needed “on demand.” With just a few clicks, the latest and greatest server resources are at your fingertips.Azure access


Reliability – The infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) / Platform as a Service (PaaS) model is reliable. Azure datacenters exist in multiple locations and have multiple built-in redundancies. In the unlikely event of a server crash, your applications will automatically run on another server in the data center.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Azure

For both standard Dynamics 365 installations and customized solutions, CBSi can offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an Application Service. In this model, Azure resources are automatically scaled to your needs and you benefit from an All-in-One pricing and get a single bill for Infrastructure, Dynamics 365 licenses, and SQL server licenses.

So whether you need a custom solution or have simpler needs, CBSi can match an Azure-hosted Microsoft Dynamics solution to fit your situation.

Choosing cloud or on-premises – what are the considerations?

Increasingly, IT is facing a choice when assessing new business applications: on-premises or hosted in the cloud. With Computer Business Solutions and Dynamics 365, both options are available.

With an on-premises implementation, all of your data and software reside on your own computers or internal network. Speed is not dependent on your internet access bandwidth, and installation is performed quickly by CBSi. Interfacing with existing applications is easily achieved.

With a cloud-based solution, the IT footprint is reduced so your resources can spend less time on maintaining infrastructure and more time working on projects to fuel your future growth. In addition, you are able to scale the number of users up or down, based on your business requirements.

  • You have the choice of:
    • Paying monthly (SaaS, Software as a Service) for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Word, Excel, email, CRM, etc., – including the infrastructure, or
    • Moving the software you already own to the cloud, and only paying monthly for the infrastructure
  • You still own your data
  • You have the option of leaving the cloud without having to migrate to different software. Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 software is available both on-premises and in the clouds, you can license the software and bring your data back on-premises.
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