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Multiple, related documents are available to handle the sales order and invoicing processes:
Quotes, Orders, Blanket Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes, Return Orders, Service Orders.

Naturally progress from a Quote to Order to Invoice at the touch of a button.

During entry of a quote, order, etc. full history of previous sales documents is just a click away. If using inventory, item information, availability, pricing, discounting, and substitution is readily available.

Optionally, sales documents automatically appear in the CRM (customer relationship module), attached to the Customer.

Sales Order / Invoice features:

  • Fast entry, only showing the fields needed
  • Mass create sales orders for fulfilling large retail stores (see CBSi NAV Add-in Modules)
  • Create multiple shipments and invoices from the same sales order
  • Drop shipments tied with purchase order
  • Approval / workflow process with email notifications
  • Rapidly create new sales orders / documents by copying from any other sales documents, whether open or posted.
  • Automatic kitting with bill of material build on the fly, and ability to change components
  • Prepayment processing
  • Multiple sales line types:
    • Item
    • Miscellaneous item (for freight, labor, etc.)
    • Fixed Asset
    • G/L account
    • Charges to be allocated to inventory
    • Comment
  • Each sales line can have its own unique:
    • Dimensions (division, department, profit center, etc.)
    • Pricing and discount rates (customer, item specific)
    • Location
    • Multiple serial or lot numbers
    • Taxability information
    • Planned delivery and shipment dates
    • Package tracking numbers
  • Web on-line store automatically creates NAV sales orders in real time (optionally)
  • Import create sales order documents from other applications or existing web sites
  • New custom fields and processes to automate any task using Microsoft Dynamics NAVs rapid development environment and CBSi’s experienced programming team.
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