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Multiple, related documents are available to handle the purchase order and invoicing processes: Quotes, Orders, Blanket Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes, and Return Orders.

All inter-relate and they naturally progress from a Purchase Quote to Order to Invoice at the touch of a button, or you can start at any point, for example Purchase Invoice.

During the entry a Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, etc. full history of previous purchase documents is readily available. If using inventory, item information, availability, pricing, discounting, and substitution is just a click away.

Optionally, purchase documents automatically appear in the CRM (contact relationship module), attached to the Vendor.

Purchase Order / Invoice features:

  • Fast entry, only show the fields needed
  • Create multiple receipts and A/P invoices from the same purchase order
  • Drop shipments tied with associated sales order
  • Approval / workflow process with email notifications
  • Rapidly create new purchase order / invoice / documents by copying from any other purchase document, whether open or posted.
  • Multiple purchase line types:
    • Item
    • Fixed Asset
    • G/L account
    • Charge to be allocated to inventory
    • Comment
  • Each purchase line can have its own:
    • Dimensions (division, department, profit center, etc.)
    • Pricing and discount rates (customer, item specific)
    • Location
    • Multiple serial or lot numbers
    • Taxability information
    • Planned receipt dates
  • Import and create purchase order documents from other applications.
  • New custom fields and processes to automate any task using Microsoft Dynamics NAVs rapid development environment and CBSi’s experienced programming team.
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