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CBSi provides strategic business insight, objective analysis, and the technologies to help streamline our clients' business, increase their profitability, quality, competitiveness, cash flow, and overall ease of doing business.

We implement and customize world-class business software solutions applied with business and technology expertise from our seasoned professionals. The core to our success is 30 years in business, and the experience of our team has improved the performance and profitability of hundreds of companies. Our  most experienced ERP implementation professionals have an average of 24 years of ERP experience per person and their average tenure at CBSi is 14 years.

This business experience across numerous industries, combined with a proven methodology, application of sound technologies, a commitment to quality, and a client-centric focus provides the highest assurance that a project put in our hands will be successful.

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Inventory Management challenges solved:

Inventory management is a cornerstone of any company in the wholesale distribution, retail, and manufacturing business. Inventory reliability and high visibility of supply and demand are key factors to ensure the smooth functioning of all related operations. The basic inventory module supports companies in achieving their goals of having accurate inventory data and reliable availability figures.

Your business will have complete awareness of customer order statuses, their purchase history (quantities and pricing of each transaction), and your supplier’s outstanding order statuses, and the levels of product in any location. Inventory quantities are increased in real-time immediately upon entering a receipt from a supplier, a customer return, or a transfer in from another location. Inventory quantities are decreased in real-time immediately upon entering a shipment to a customer, returning an item to a vendor, using the items in an assembly, production, or transfer order, or using the items in a job site or service order. Pricing may be set by individual customers or user-defined groups and costs are set by vendor or vendor group as well. Items may optionally be serialized, lot tracked, or neither.

You can provide a accurate information to customers by knowing the quantities currently on hand and optionally reserving quantities when entering an order. You can see the quantities that will become available-to-ship at a specific future date, and the quantities you are capable of promising by a future date, based upon lead times, as if you were to order or manufacture additional quantities.

Cortana forecasting insufficient inventory
Sufficient inventory after automatic procurement or build

Warehouse Management challenges solved:

Optional warehouse management modules are fully integrated with the rest of the software.  This helps you achieve control over the movement and storage of materials within your warehouse, so you maximize the efficiency of your receipt and shipment of goods, optimize warehouse space utilization, and know at all times exactly where your goods are stored.

It is important to process orders quickly and accurately. WMS includes advanced setup inventory processing functionality to optimize your warehouse efficiency. Directed put-away and picking processes allow fast handling and shipping of goods, directing you right to the item location that is to be shipped or stocked.

Your warehouse personnel save time and your warehouse accuracy is improved because they are controlled and directed by Microsoft Dynamics 365. To take speed and accuracy to the next level, handheld devices may be used for picking, put-away, physical inventory, internal warehouse movements, and more.


  • Improve customer order fulfillment and accuracy
  • Reduce costs by reducing excess inventory and associated carrying costs
  • Run your warehouse more efficiently
  • Know accurate stock quantities by location and bin

Partial Features:

  • Track inventory by distribution center, locations, and bins
  • Fulfill demand from sales orders, service orders, transfer orders, and forecasts
  • Bar code enabled
  • Perform all warehouse operations with hand held scanners, mobile phones, or tablets
  • Serial and lot tracking and cradle to grave history
  • Directed pick, put away, and transfers
  • Works seamlessly with Purchasing, Sales, Assembly, Manufacturing, Service, and Job Costing
  • Utilize cross-dock features to reduce steps
  • Integrate with UPS, FedEx, LTL, USPS
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