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The Dimensions capability is an amazingly popular unique feature of Dynamics NAV. You can easily define an unlimited number of dimensions such as departments, profit centers, locations, products/product types, customer types, sales people and other dimension values at any give time. You are able to name dimensions as you please, so that your dimensions setup reflect the specific needs of your company at all times.

Dimensions allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily manage any number of variables with the dimensions feature
  • Set up dimensions using hierarchies
  • Set up default dimensions and rules per G/L account, account group and account type
  • Define and name analysis views showing dimension combinations
  • Use analysis views in financial statements
  • Copy a budget including dimensions from a previous period
  • Block and unblock dimensions and dimension values from use
  • Easily export and import dimensions to and from Excel
  • Create customized reports
  • Export dimensions data to Microsoft Excel to create visual presentations
  • Keep Dimensions in balance and perform inter-company transactions with Dimensions
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