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Human Resources

Maintain and Track Comprehensive Employee Records

Accurate employee records are essential for human resource management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides flexible facilities for organizing and controlling employee records. Built around a central repository of employee information, these facilities add reliable personnel management functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

An employee card provides a complete history and information file for each employee. The information includes personal employee information as well as various administrative status codes. Among these codes is one for employment contracts, which can be used to assign standardized employment contracts or levels. A generic statistical grouping code also enables you to categorize employees using various criteria.

Each employee’s file includes a table of qualifications that you can assign from a user-defined table of qualification codes. These codes can include educational credentials, training/educational certificates, and professional certifications. This information, along with the statistical codes, assists you in identifying employees that fit your profile for job opening or project assignment

Key features:

  • Maintain comprehensive employee records
  • Define your own absence tracking methods
  • Give broad access to basic employee file information while placing tighter security restrictions on confidential data
  • Identify absence trends through absence history reporting
  • Track equipment issuance such as notebook serial numbers, card access, etc.


Designed to accommodate any unique payroll situation:

  • Full integration with the Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • General ledger purchases and payables, resources, and jobs functionality
  • All entries posted directly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 General Ledger
  • Automatically post liabilities to Microsoft Dynamics 365 purchases and payables
  • Automatically post employer expenses to jobs or departments
  • Post employer-paid expenses directly to jobs and or dimensions
  • Define your own pay cycles
  • Enter, track and calculate commissions

Define an Unlimited Number of Payroll Controls

Payroll is able to handle any type of calculation with user-definable payroll controls. Define as many payroll controls as you require. Payroll controls are any type of earning, benefit, deduction, accrual, hour, etc that needs to be managed. Decide exactly what payroll controls get printed on an employee check or direct deposit stub. Determine when a payroll control will get calculated.

Below are a few stills from Dynamics 365 Human Resources to give you a sneak peek.  Contact us today for more information.

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