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Converting Data from other databases:

CBSi has been converting data from a myriad of sources into NAV, since 1996. The capabilities in Dynamics NAV allow us to bring data into any table (customer, contact, vendor, item, employee, manufacturing BOM, open orders, transactions, etc.) Unlike other systems that require incoming data to be in a specific format, Dynamics NAV’s ability to add logic, new fields, translation tables, etc. provide true flexibility when converting data. If you can get the data out of your existing systems, CBSi can bring it into Dynamics NAV.

Integrating with other systems:

CBSi has integrated with a myriad of client systems over the years. Tools available to us include:

  • File transfer (via .xml, text, .csv, Excel)
  • Microsoft SQL
  • SharePoint
  • Web services – exposing any of the logic to outside programs
  • EDI
  • BizTalk
  • Outlook synchronization – of any table or entity
  • Mobile application synchronization – of any table or entity
  • Web site – direct integration with a variety of tools
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