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Conceptual Design and Confirmation

The Design Phase starts with the Computer Business Solutions team developing the concept(s) for how your specific needs will be best implemented based on the information gathered during the Analysis Phase and our understanding of your industry.

During this process, our implementation team may conceptualize more than one approach to achieve your goals, mindful of the factors that generated the need for a new system in the first place. Although we develop the Conceptual Design(s) to achieve your original objectives, often a design will achieve an even greater vision with no impact on cost.

After narrowing the options, we share with your key users the most relevant and recommended Conceptual Design to configure the software for your requirements. This involves diving into the software which we pre-configured for your needs, or presenting relevant configuration options for discussion and your selection.

Key users are trained on these configuration options to provide meaningful discussion and decisions. Their intimate knowledge of your business combined with new knowledge and discussion of relevant features in our solution enables your key users to select and confirm the Conceptual Design option and to perform the implementation setup tasks when needed in the Deployment Phase.

Optionally a formal Functional Design Document may be created, supplementing our internal documentation. The need for this document often depends on the level of project complexity, time allocated to this phase, and client preference.

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