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The all-in-one Business Central
solution for:

Oilfield Services,

Equipment Rental,

Fully Integrated Field Tickets,


Preventative Maintenance, 

Automated Invoicing,

Robust Accounting and Controls.


Are the demands of oilfield services leaving you feeling understaffed and overworked?  Let ofsERP help you get home on time.

OfsERP    was developed specifically to meet the rigorous requirements of the fast-paced oilfield services industry. Together as a seamless extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials or as an add-on to Dynamics NAV, ofsERP serves to:

  • Enable significant revenue growth without increasing support personnel,

  • Substantially speed the time field work is approved and invoiced,

  • Provide an all-in-one solution for accounting, field service, rental, and more,

  • Eliminate duplicate entry, increase accuracy, and add management controls,

  • Provide near real-time visibility to operational performance, and

  • Provide huge efficiencies enabling companies to achieve more in less time.

OfsERP is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, delivering a scalable industry solution for oilfield service companies and non-oilfield related companies of all sizes, who perform one or more of the following activities:

  • Deploy equipment and personnel to perform services or rent equipment

  • Repair and maintain equipment, tools, or rolling fleet

  • Perform inspections, before, during, or after deployment

  • Assemble or manufacture products they rent or service after the sale

  • Track inventory and equipment "cradle-to-grave"

Intuitive & Easy to Use
Bill Faster, Collect Faster
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Operations & Finance All-in-One
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Benefits to Expect

Transform Your Workday from Reactive to Proactive

Simplify Your Work with One End-to-End Solution 

  • Whether you are in the field, in the office or on the go, access one comprehensive field services solution to get all the intel you need to run your business.  

  • One centralized solution to manage operations and accounting. No need to manage operations by Excel.

  • Intuitive and easy to use with state-of-the-art ofsERP powered by Microsoft.

  • Reduce back-office labor costs by as much as 75%.

  • Eliminate the cost of double and triple entry of orders, field tickets, invoices, and unnecessary spreadsheets.

Work on-the-go with streamlined processes

  • Speed up billings and collections by capturing real-time information on a tablet, phone, or laptop.

  • Free yourself from paper tickets that get lost on the way back from the field There’s no need to decipher handwriting to figure out what to bill. Reduce errors and save time. 

  • Invoice customers for damage and equipment not returned.

  • Automate even the most complex invoice processes, increase accountability and track where delays occur.

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Positively affect cash flow with automated invoicing

  • Invoice faster and collect faster - Flexible options to invoice Individual tickets or consolidate into a single invoice – include images and job description.

  • Use Electronic Field Ticketing on mobile devices to access and update corporate data from the field in real-time i.e equipment usage, personnel hours and more.

  • Eliminate the bottleneck of stacks of tickets waiting to be processed.

  • Automatically email invoices to customer or upload to 

    • Open Invoice 

    • Open Ticket

    • Cortex

    • Acteon

    • Other industry and customer portals.

Maximize the utilization of equipment to maximize profitability. 

  • Know where your equipment and tools are, and when they are scheduled to come back.


  • Reduce unnecessary buys and expensive hot-shot costs.

  • Record movements between one ticket/well site to another. 

  • Evaluate the revenue generated by each piece of equipment as well as its cost, maintenance, and deployment history.

  • Track the equipment available at all locations and their utilization. 

  • Assure equipment is inspected before returning to the field and record equipment usage from the field.

  • Schedule preventative maintenance to avoid loss of customer goodwill and revenue from unexpected downtime.

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Invoicing just 10 days quicker increased cash-on-hand by $273,972, for every $10m of annual revenue that is invoiced based upon net terms. 

Accounts Receivable decreases by the same amount. 

Scalable Oilfield Services Functionality

Simplify your oilfield services operations from the first client contact to the final invoice. Experience robust functionality that includes:

  • Quotes

  • Rental Agreements

  • Job Scheduling 

  • Fleet Management

  • Tracking Assets

  • Oilfield Calendar

  • Field tickets

  • Delivery tickets

  • Insightful Reports and Analytics 

  • And more

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Take a closer look at oilfield services software that simplifies your work and helps you get home on time.

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