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Rent equipment, service accounts, and invoice faster with robust accounting and equipment rental software in a single application.

  • Tired of rental software with weak accounting features and controls? or
  • Frustrated with accounting software with weak rental functionality?

You can have the best of both worlds and gain visibility into every aspect of your operations – all within a single software solution. We added equipment rental functionality to the world’s leading accounting / ERP software, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

rental equipment software

Simplify the management of your entire equipment rental business.

Heavy Equipment · Tools · Tanks · Trucks · Oil & Gas · Downhole Tools · Surface Equipment



Eliminate silos between accounting and rentals to speed invoicing and get paid faster.



Track and rent inventory from anywhere to reduce downtime.



World class service from experts who understand your industry.

So easy-to-use you’ll be surprised it’s so flexible.

Enjoy software that looks, feels, and navigates just like the Microsoft Office products you use every day. Enjoy a user-friendly interface even entry-level employees can quickly master.

Create a rental order with a single click from the top ribbon of an equipment list, or a customer list. Quickly lookup the whereabouts of any piece of equipment, when it is expected to be returned, and see the complete history of where it has been. Check the availability of a certain equipment type with one click. Easily find equipment based on type, size, or other attribute.

Take advantage of features and functionality designed to strengthen your competitive advantage regardless of your company size.


rental equipment software trucks

inventory rental software

Inventory with Full Cradle-to-Grave Location History

View full location history on all rental assets in the field. Sort by date range, customer, and more.  Track tools, equipment and inventory by location, truck, job site, and customer. Record equipment movement from site-to-site without duplicating work orders. Log serialized and non-serialized equipment and tools.  Maintain a list of your customer’s specific pricing, site locations, and the best routes and driving directions to get there. Track consumable inventory, supplies, parts, and chemicals.


Robust Accounting, Profitability Analysis, and Analytics

Put banks and potential investors at ease with a complete auditable accounting solution in place of QuickBooks and spreadsheets. Minimize your risk and exposure with audit-able financials, accounts receivable, sales, rental, accounts payable, purchasing, inventory management, assembly, fabrication, bank reconciliations, cash management, cash flow forecasts, fixed assets, and customer relationship management. Dashboards can include graphs, charts, and KPIs with information from any of these applications as applicable for the role of each user.

Know the revenue, fuel cost, maintenance, and profitability of each piece of equipment. Analyze revenue and costs by any data range and any part of the business including location, line of service, customer, well site, lease, rig, job, job type, driver, truck, equipment type, individual serial number, personnel, revenue stream, state, ticket status, and more.

rental equipment software

rental equipment software


Automatically apply customer specific pricing for services, equipment rentals, inventory sales, and expenses. Use robust pricing models to match real scenarios unique to the industry. Issue split billing across multiple well sites and AFEs. Choose package or line-item pricing. Leverage interim billing when rentals span several months.

Mobile Apps

Run the entire application from a tablet, phone, or computer (Windows or MAC/iOS). Mobile applications run “live” with the central database updated in real time.

Optionally take any part of the application  off line when needed to run independently in standalone mode. Work with our design team to layout the screens in a easy-to-use, intuitive order. Make data entry easy, capture pictures, signatures, and  perform calculations, and capture pictures and signatures.

equipment rental software mobile

equipment rental software microsoft

Flexible and Forgiving


Keep track of personnel, rental equipment, and inventory consumables deployed and the services performed. Bundle equipment in packages with other equipment, consumables, and labor. Deploy all equipment together or schedule deployment across multiple days. Replace whiteboards, chalkboards, and spreadsheets with automatically updating dashboards showing jobs, resource availability, and key performance measures on large monitors, laptops, and tablets.  Sell consumable inventory, equipment assets, labor, and services. Automate processes with user-definable workflows and alerts.


Forgiving of Mistakes:

Rent and deploy and/or sell consumable inventory, other equipment, and services.  Gone are the days when, just to get an order started, your software forced you to specify the specific equipment or asset ID on the rental order – only to later discover that a different unit was taken and the steps to make the correction are too involved to fix the problem. Now you can wait until you know the specific unit being rented before adding it to the order, so corrections are rarely needed. An even after deploying or placing assets “on rent”, convenient “un-deploy” and “un-return” features make it easy to correct mistakes, so accurate whereabouts and usage is maintained.


Rental and Service Software for Dynamics Earns Microsoft’s Highest Accreditation


“Microsoft set the bar high by developing the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics accreditation (CfMD).  It sets a small group of proven, tested, and recommended business solutions apart from thousands of other solutions that have not met the rigorous requirements.” per Microsoft CfMD release.

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